Dokumentarfilm, Dokumentarfilm

Dreamers (2023)

In 2019 a big band from Berlin went to Mali. Their purpose was to breathe new life into 70s music that in its pomp, set the West African scene alight. It was this music that provided the original inspiration for the leMali70 project.After acclimatising in Bamako the band followed the natural contours of the Niger River North in order to meet and perform with legendary musicians from Segou, Mopti and Timbuktu. The culmination of their journey saw them return to Bamako accompanied by many of the artists they had met. Where, in a makeshift studio, they began to record.The resulting album pays homage to a special period in Mali’s rich musical history.
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Movie Facts
Dokumentarfilm, Dokumentarfilm, 2023, 88 Min. 
R: Stephanie Barbey  
Startdatum: 8.2.2024

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